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Product Description
Product Description

Product Description

All products of our company can be customized.


Ordering Process
Ordering Process

Ordering Process

After you design or select the product you want to order, you can contact our company's customer service staff to inform you of the product you ordered.

Product style, color, LOGO style, quantity and packaging, or provide corresponding product pictures, and we will calculate an accurate quotation for you as soon as possible.


Proofing Instructions
Proofing Instructions

Proofing Instructions

After we determine all the proofing details, start proofing.

The cost of one-time proofing for this order can be deducted from the cost of bulk orders in subsequent orders. If the product requires multiple proofing, the proofing fee will still be charged. Proofing time is determined according to the complexity of the sample.


Payment Method
Payment Method

Payment Method

Proofing fees can be remitted through various methods such as bank transfer. After completion, the customer will accept and ship the goods.


Shipping Instructions
Shipping Instructions

Shipping Instructions

All goods are shipped by express or logistics. After delivery, we will inform you of the delivery date, order number, and logistics inquiry website, etc.



Product Advantages

Production Quality Control

We have a professional quality inspection team and quality inspection personnel to ensure product quality.

The Importance and Benefits of Customization

Customization can meet your various personalized needs, ensure that the product meets the needs of you and your customers from the source, can reflect the grade of the product, and can highlight your exclusive brand, making your products Get to market faster.

At present, if we need to provide design services, it may cost a certain amount of money.

Keep sure all orders running smoothly.

We have set up wide business channels around the country

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