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Status and development

November. 14, 2023


In recent years, the global cosmetics market has become regionally saturated, and the market size has grown slowly. With the upgrade of domestic consumption, makeup tools have gradually become indispensable tools for makeup; coupled with the prevalence of the "fast-paced economy" and the "lazy economy", beauty tools are highly sought after. At the same time, due to the increasing market demand, the development of domestic beauty tools is becoming more and more diversified. Free trade with foreign countries is also increasing.

According to the report, China is not only a key consumer market and manufacturing center, but also has begun to become a driving force for innovation. From setting up R&D centers to investing in funds, many international beauty giants continue to expand their investments in China; at the same time, many local Chinese beauty brands have begun to expand internationally to develop the international market. Chinese beauty brands are also entering foreign markets through cross-border e-commerce.

The export of beauty tools mainly relies on domestic trading companies to directly contact foreign customers and complete product promotions. Domestic sales scale continues to grow with e-commerce channels. As globalization continues to advance, the marketing methods of the beauty industry will continue diversification.

Status and development

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