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Beauty Device BJ-412
Beauty Device BJ-412
Beauty Device BJ-412

Beauty Device BJ-412

Power Supply: DC5V 1A

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Product Details


Power Supply: DC5V 1A

Weight(main device):138g


Size(main device):190*50*60mm


Timer:15 minutes

Charging time:150minutes

Battery life:10times use after full charged

Wave length:Red 650-665nm,lnfrared845-855nm

Heating massage:42℃+/-2℃


Full set including:

1x Main Device

1x Base

1x USB Charging cable

1x Goggle

1x User manual

1x Gift box

Probe function instruction


High-end stainless steel probe heating function:When skin reach 42℃, it can help to produce HSP protein, anti wrinkles and lighten sunspot from UV light damage, meanwhile,it can repair the damaged skin cells and DNA.


The best way to promote the growth of HSP is to make the skin temperature up to 42℃, then repair the damaged skin cells and enhance skin elasticity, anti wrinkles.Besides, it can help to open the skin pores,promote the absorption of skin care products to have a better beauty effect.

16 pieces infrared lights:The LA(Lactic acid), FFA(free fatty acid), CHOL (cholesterol), subcutaneous fat ect.which cause fatigue and aging will be absorbed under infrared light by activation of subcutaneous fat, without kidney, metabolism from the skin directly.So after lights therapy, it's the best time for skin to absorbing the skin care products, anti aging effectively.


8 pieces red lights:The lights can deep into the skin 5.5micron to active skin cells, promote the collagen birth to anti wrinkles.


Skin care steps


Daily facial cleansing before using the device,apply your lotion/cream on your skin then use the device as below picture,the probe can touch your skin.Please avoid direct lights to your eyes.Clean the probe by wet wipe and storage the device in a dry & cool place after using.


The recommended treatment time:

At most three times per week, no more than 15 minutes each time, to achieve the best result.


Note: Move the device gently over your skin during treatment. DO NOT STAY ON SAME AREA OVER 3S.


Notice: During the treatment, DO NOT look directly at the light-waves TO AVOID discomfort or dizziness.


Maintenance and storage

* Cleanse & Dry the device after each use;

*Storage the device in a dry & cool place after cleanse;

* It is not recommend to share the device with others;

* Keep the device and heads dry and clean after each use;

* Keep this user manual for reference;

Malfunction & maintenance

If the device does not work properly, please check following:

*Make sure the device fully charged;

* Make sure press the“Power” button and Working indication lights light up;

* If no reaction after power on the device, maybe low battery; Please full charge it first and then try again;









Beauty Device BJ-412


42℃±3℃:Increase blood circulation,Tighten skin

Improve skin texture,Remove fine lines&wrinkle,Promote metabolism.

Beauty Device BJ-412


Bio red light whitening repair

Infrared promotes the viability of cell growth

Inner circle red light 8 beads

Outer circle Infrared 16 beads

Bio Red Light wavelength can


penetrate 650~665 nm


.Infrared wavelength deeper


845~855 nm

Beauty Device BJ-412

Product name:

3-in-1 skin rejuvenation and

beauty instrument

Host weight:


Base weight:


Host size:


Base size:




Rated voltage:


Beauty Device BJ-412

Tags: Beauty Device

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