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Bath bombs
Bath bombs
Bath bombs
Bath bombs
Bath bombs

Bath bombs

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Seven-day no-reason returns are not supported

This product does not support seven-day no-reason returns

Any shortage will be returnedAny shortage will be returned

Delay will be compensatedDelay will be compensated

Fast refundFast refund

7 days guarantee7 days guarantee


Product Details

Weight: 0.06kg

Product category:Bath Bomb/Bath Rub/Bath Flower

Material: PE

Applicable objects: general

Color: milky white, girly pink, taro purple, apple green

Box quantity: 300

Customization: Yes

Susymei offers a wide selection of Bath Sponge. As a trusted Bath Sponge manufacturer, we specialize in mass-producing these products supported by consistent formulations. Susymei  has a proven record of producing some of the highest quality bath products on the market and this has included a full line of custom bath bombs.  Now, in addition to custom Bath Sponge manufacturing services, we have a complete line of products below that are in-stock and ready to ship.  This allows you to simply buy our premium Shower Puff and package them under your own brand without the hassles or lengthy lead times.  

Home spa experience with our bath fizzes, bath bombs, and Epsom salts- all designed to help you relax and ease tension. Susymei offers fragranced luxury Shower Puff enhanced with skin-conditioning vitamins, a unique antioxidant-rich superfruit complex with extracts and botanicals to not only cleanse the skin but keep it nourished and feeling its best. Whether you enjoy foaming or fizzing bath products or a blissful aromatic shower with our shower tablets.

As a professional private label Shower Puff China manufacturer, our Bath Sponge Wholesale private label at a very cheap price. Transform your shower routine with our ultra-soft Bath Sponge and Shower Puff. Buy in bulk with our Bath Sponge Wholesale options for unbeatable quality and value. Please contact us!

Bath bombs

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