Nylon hair Easier to clean thoroughly Better for liquid            
      Animal Goat hair Most common type            
    Hair material Horse/Pony hair The first chioce for contour and eye brush            
      Squirrel hair Natural and good for dry and sensitive skin            
      Weasel/Sable hair Good for liquid or cream makeup            
      Badger hair Good for eyebrow brush            
      Boar hair Pick up more pigments            
    Ferrule material Aluminum tube              
      Copper tube              
      Aluminum tube              
      Copper tube              
    Handle material Bamboo              
      Laser carving              
    Customized  Logo Pad printing              
      Hot stamping              
    brand logo and other information like purpose or size can be printed                
      This bevel design can be applied evenly. The angle of submission will also make makeup more natural.        
    Contour brush        
Beauty brushes                    
      The foundation brush is used to apply foundation. This brush is elastic and strong, which is to better fit the skin. In addition, it can also be used as a mask brush, which can be used to apply masks. The effect is also very good.        
    Foundation brush        
      This brush is mainly used to apply makeup to small parts, and has the same function as a makeup fixing brush, except that it is a small brush, which is only suitable for coloring small parts.        
    Dyeing brush        
      This is a brush used in the eyes, which is used to spread the color of the broad surface of the eyes. It is generally used when the first layer brightens the eyes.        
    Large eyeshadow brush        
      The color of lipstick is changing all the time, and the lip brush should be cleaned in time to prevent cross-color. Lip brush is a color lipstick with a lip brush.        
    Lip brush        
  Function   Finish combing your eyebrows, comb your eyebrows and eyelashes. This brush will also be an indispensable one. Only by treating the details can you have a delicate makeup.        
    Eyebrow comb        
      This is used to draw the details of the eyes, making the eyeshadow more delicate. Generally, it is used with a big eye shadow brush.        
    Small eyeshadow brush        
      The makeup effect is light and thin, so that the makeup effect is natural and unpretentious, and the amount of loose powder is saved.        
    Powder paint        
      This brush is used to deal with facial blemishes. After it's finished, it can be applied to small parts, spots with pimples, or spots with moles. Concealer is used and makeup is applied in dots.        
    Concealer brush        
      A cosmetic brush with flame-shaped or fan-shaped bristles, which is used to shine high light on the forehead, cheekbones, nose bridge, brow bone and other places, making it prominent, full and shiny.        
    Highlight brush        
      a cosmetic tool used to brush blush in makeup. There are many styles. Choosing the right blush brush can make facial makeup more delicate.        
    Blush brush