Makeup Egg Manufacturer | Makeup Brush Supplier

Makeup Egg Manufacturer | Makeup Brush Supplier

The makeup egg can simultaneously replace various brushes such as powder puff, eye shadow, eyeliner, blush, powder, concealer, etc. It is not only fast to use, can quickly apply makeup, but also saves space in your bag, whether it is large or small. The area or the small outline can be easily HOLD.
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Susymei is our brand. The brand has been established for ten years and is affiliated to Beijing Bid Ace Co., Ltd. We have a production line dedicated to Susymei. The production line specializes in the production and processing of cosmetic brushes, beauty tools and other products, and has a complete and scientific quality management system. The integrity, strength and product quality of Susymei products have been recognized by the industry. It has won unanimous praise from customers all over the world. 

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Advantages of Makeup Eggs

The shape design makes makeup more convenient without dead ends; the texture is soft, and the makeup is more docile and lighter; the beauty egg is more delicate and powder-free. The beauty egg is thinner, and its coverage is not inferior to other tools such as makeup brushes. If the makeup egg is applied evenly, it will make the skin appear translucent and white.

Advantages of Makeup Eggs

The Role of Makeup Egg

In addition to applying makeup, the beauty egg also has a good role in removing makeup. Use the pointed part of the makeup egg to dip some makeup remover products to remove some difficult-to-remove parts, such as the corners of the eyes and the corners of the mouth. It can be removed quickly, and the round head can remove stubborn makeup on the eyelids and chin.

The Role of Makeup Egg

The Avantages of Makeup Eggs

The advantages of makeup eggs The makeup egg can draw contours. The pointed part of the beauty egg is easy to modify the details of the face and can easily draw the outline of the facial features. You can also use your fingers to apply some cosmetic products on the face, and then use the tip of the beauty egg The head gently wants to spread on the left and right sides, and the effect will be more natural than the hand or other brushes.

The Avantages of Makeup Eggs

Makeup Egg | Tips to Avoid Mold and Mold

Points to avoid moldy makeup egg

1. Choose a high-quality beauty sponge, with a uniform pore structure and good release ability, which will make her less prone to mold.

2. Be sure to wash it clean, if there is residual makeup in the beauty sponge, it will be more likely to mold.

3. Squeeze out the water after washing, and be sure to use a clean towel or toilet paper to absorb the moisture of the beauty sponge.

4. Do not expose to the sun, and at the same time, it is best to expose all parts of the beauty sponge to the flowing air to avoid mildew.

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