Makeup Spong | Professional Makeup Spong

Makeup Spong | Professional Makeup Spong

Preservation method of makeup spong: After use, it should be wrung out in time. It can be hung up, let it be vertical, and air-dried naturally. When the face-washing sponge is flaky and the structure is loose, it should be replaced in time. Injure the skin.
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Susymei is our brand. The brand has been established for ten years and is affiliated to Beijing Bid Ace Co., Ltd. We have a production line dedicated to Susymei. The production line specializes in the production and processing of cosmetic brushes, beauty tools and other products, and has a complete and scientific quality management system. The integrity, strength and product quality of Susymei products have been recognized by the industry. It has won unanimous praise from customers all over the world. 

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Makeup Sponge Function: Exfoliate

Dip an appropriate amount of exfoliating cream on the beauty makeup sponge, which can effectively remove the keratin from all parts of the face. Use the beauty makeup sponge to gently rub on the forehead, chin and tip of the nose. The effect is much better than using your hands.

Makeup Sponge Function: Exfoliate

Makeup Sponge Features: Draw Outlines

The pointed part of the front of the beauty makeup sponge is easy to modify the details of the face, and it can easily draw the outline of the facial features. You can also use your fingers to apply some cosmetic products on the face, and then use the pointed tip of the beauty makeup sponge to gently think about it. Spread out on both sides, the effect will be more natural than hand or other brushes.

Makeup Sponge Features: Draw Outlines

Makeup Sponge | Types

Faced with a wide variety of makeup sponges, how to choose? There are mainly the following types of makeup sponges:

1. Fine texture:
There are almost no voids visible on the surface and it feels smooth to the touch. In addition to washing the face, this sponge also has the function of foundation.
2. Larger surface voids:
This type of sponge has an excellent exfoliating function, but because its surface is rough, it will cause great damage to the skin, so it is not suitable to use it frequently, otherwise it will leave terrible sequelae.
3. Dry flat shape:
The surface is flat and thin, and it doesn't look very conspicuous, but it is made of wood pulp and absorbs water quite well.
4. Strip:
The surface texture is thicker, and the water absorption is not as much as that of the dry flat shape, but its advantage is that it is easy to carry when going out.
No matter which kind of sponge you choose, here is a reminder: the sponge can only be used at most twice a week. Otherwise, after years of "rubbing", the skin will become rougher.

Makeup Sponge Function: Replace Other Makeup Tools, Save Space

The beauty makeup sponge can replace a variety of brushes such as puff, eye shadow, eyeliner, blush, powder, concealer, etc. It is not only fast to use, can quickly apply makeup, but also saves space in your bag, whether it is large or small. The area or the small outline can be used.

Makeup Sponge Function: Replace Other Makeup Tools, Save Space
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