About the Introduction of Makeup Egg Tools

About the Introduction of Makeup Egg Tools

The makeup egg is a tool for applying foundation makeup. It can make the liquid foundation more docile. The beauty egg can not only be used to apply the liquid foundation, but also can be used to paint blush. The beauty egg is best used in a semi-wet state, so that the makeup effect is better.

Makeup brush is divided into blush brush, eye shadow brush, highlight brush, concealer brush, foundation brush, eyebrow brush, loose powder brush. The material of makeup brush hair is generally animal hair or fiber, animal hair will be very soft and comfortable, and it is very good for coloring. The bristles of the fiber are more suitable for large-scale blooming, and are very environmentally friendly, and there are more styles to choose from.

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Susymei is our brand. The brand has been established for ten years and is affiliated to Beijing Bid Ace Co., Ltd. We have a production line dedicated to Susymei. The production line specializes in the production and processing of cosmetic brushes, beauty tools and other products, and has a complete and scientific quality management system. The integrity, strength and product quality of Susymei products have been recognized by the industry. It has won unanimous praise from customers all over the world. 

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Makeup Egg is an Innovative Makeup Tool


The makeup egg looks like a colored egg, and it is not as hard to grip as other makeup tools. The most special feature of the makeup egg is that its texture is soft and the shape recovers very quickly. After pressing, the makeup egg can be restored to its original shape in just 1 second, which is very convenient for application. Before using the beauty egg, it can be properly moistened with water, and then use the semi-dry beauty egg to dip the cosmetic product and gently press it on the skin.

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makeup-eggChemical composition of false eyelash glue.

False eyelash glue, the ingredients are water, acrylic (lipid) copolymer, propylene glycol, sodium dehydroacetate, laureth-20, hydroxyethyl cellulose, methylparaben, etc. The above chemical ingredients are irritating, Once in the eye, it can easily cause conjunctival damage.

makeup-eggFalse eyelash glue damages hair follicles and causes true eyelashes to fall off.

The use of false eyelash glue will damage the hair follicles, cause the shedding of real eyelashes, affect the normal function of the hair follicles, damage the hair follicles and accessory structures, and deteriorate the local skin environment.

makeup-eggThe more fluffy the makeup brush, the better

The fluffy brush will make the coloring effect worse, but it will color more naturally and softly. The stronger the brush will transmit, the faster and more saturated the color will be.

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