Best Makeup Tools | Makeup Tools Manufacturer

Best Makeup Tools | Makeup Tools Manufacturer

Makeup Tools eye shadow brush can fully blend the eyeliner with the eye shadow around the eyes and under the eyebrows, and brush out the layering of color. The amount of hair is moderate, and the amount of powder makeup is easy to control. The long handle design has an excellent sense of stability, which can easily show delicate lines and let the color spread naturally. Can also be used to shape nose shadows.
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Susymei is our brand. The brand has been established for ten years and is affiliated to Beijing Bid Ace Co., Ltd. We have a production line dedicated to Susymei. The production line specializes in the production and processing of cosmetic brushes, beauty tools and other products, and has a complete and scientific quality management system. The integrity, strength and product quality of Susymei products have been recognized by the industry. It has won unanimous praise from customers all over the world. 

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Makeup tools | Tips for choosing false eyelashes

Makeup tools | Tips for choosing false eyelashes

Choose false eyelashes according to the makeup effect you want to achieve, or choose according to your eye shape. For example, if you want to make your eyes round, choose false eyelashes that are long in the middle; for innocent makeup or charming eye makeup, you can choose long false eyelashes at the end of the eye; for daily light makeup, you should choose natural ones, not too thick. The stalk of false eyelashes should not be too hard or too soft, the moderate degree is the best sticking, the most suitable for newborns.

Makeup Tools | Powder Brush

A Powder Brush makeup tools is usually a thick, full-fiber brush, whether synthetic or natural, with the versatility to perform a variety of cosmetic tasks. This ubiquitous makeup brush is an essential tool in your makeup arsenal. To use a powder brush as a foundation, dip the brush into a powder product (for pressed and loose powder) and work in circular motions or sweeps until even coverage is achieved. It is easier to ensure adequate application if you start in the middle of the face and work your way out.

Makeup Tools | Powder Brush

Makeup Tools | Makeup sponge tricks

Makeup Tools | Makeup Sponge Tips

Use a sponge to help rub blush and apply lipstick, which can make the color soft and not easy to fall off.
Put the slightly damp makeup sponge in the refrigerator first, and after a few minutes, pat the cold sponge on the skin with the foundation applied, you will feel that the skin is extraordinarily refreshed, and the makeup will also look particularly fresh.
Use the clean side of the sponge every time you apply makeup. A sponge can be divided into four parts: the left side of the surface, the right side of the surface, the left side of the inside, and the right side of the inside. Use one part each time. After using it four times, wash it thoroughly with soap to reduce the loss of the sponge.

The Importance of Cleaning Makeup Tools

Be mindful of your everyday makeup tools to avoid infections, rashes and other untimely effects from dirty brushes. To clean your brushes and prevent bacterial growth, use a mild detergent or brush-specific cleaner and moisten the bristles (avoid water on the handle). Then, spin the brush on a paper towel, or try a makeup brush cleaning wipe, and repeat until the brush is clean. Make sure there is no soap residue in the bristles by rinsing. Let the brush air dry to keep its shape.

The Importance of Cleaning Makeup Tools
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